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Bruce Feiler

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BRUCE FEILER is one of America's most popular voices on contemporary life. He writes the "This Life" column for the Sunday New York Times and is the author of six consecutive New York Times bestsellers, including ABRAHAM and THE SECRETS OF HAPPY FAMILIES. He is the writer and host of the PBS series WALKING THE BIBLE and SACRED JOURNEYS WITH BRUCE FEILER. His latest book, THE FIRST LOVE STORY: Adam, Eve, and Us, is revelatory journey across four continents and 4,000 years exploring how Adam and Eve introduced the idea of love into the world, and how they continue to shape our deepest feelings about...

Meik Wiking

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Hi! I think I probably have the best job in the world - CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen.

I have been described as "the world's happiest man" and "the Indiana Jones of Smiles" (and much in between) , and I am committed to finding out what makes people happy.

I wrote The Little Book of Hygge to understand better why Denmark consistently comes first in global happiness rankings. Following lots of research and insight, I came to the conclusion that hygge is the magic ingredient.

Hooga? Hhyooguh? Heurgh? It is not really important how you choose...