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Kyle Cassidy

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Kyle Cassidy has been documenting American culture for more than two
decades. He has photographed Goths, Punks, Cutters, Politicians,
Metalheads, Dominatrices, Scholars, and Alternative Fashion, in addition
to less prosaic subjects. In recent years his projects have extended
abroad to Romania, where he captured the lives of homeless orphans
living in sewers; and to Egypt, where he reported on contemporary
archaeological excavations. His publications include several books on

Stefan Al

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STEFAN AL is a Dutch architect, author, and Associate Professor of Urban Design at UPenn ( .

Dr. Al's newest book is The Strip: Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream. He has also published books about urbanization in Asia, including Mall City, Factory Towns of South China, and Villages in the City. Al's work has been featured by media outlets including The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, Architectural Record, and Dezeen.

As a practicing architect, Al has worked on renowned projects such as the 2,000-feet high Canton Tower in Guangzhou. He also...