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Leanne Brown

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Leanne Brown is a food-studies scholar and avid home cook in NYC by way of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Most recently, she wrote "Good and Cheap," a free PDF cookbook for people with very tight budgets, particularly those on SNAP/Food Stamp benefits. It has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and is now available in print from Workman Publishing.

Leanne also spearheaded a project to fund a print run of "Good and Cheap" to get it into the hands of those who can't afford a copy. In 2014, she shipped 9,000 free copies of the printed book to people in need. For the new print...

Sean Ferrell

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I live and work, in no particular order, in New York City.

I write for both adults (booo!) and children (yay!) .

I have published two novels. I won't say which ones they are, but if you look to the right you'll see them. That's right, that's them: "Numb" and "Man In The Empty Suit." My short fiction has appeared in journals such as Electric Literature's "The Outlet" and The Adirondack Review. My short story "Building an Elephant" won The Fulton Prize.

My picture books, "I Don't Like Koala" and "The...