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Alan Jacobs

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I grew up in Alabama, attended the University of Alabama, then got my PhD at the University of Virginia. In 1984 I started teaching at Wheaton College in Illinois. In 2013 my family and I moved to Waco, Texas, where I am now Distinguished Professor of the Humanities in the Honors Program. My dear wife Teri and I have been married for thirty-six years, and have one son, Wesley.

My work is hard to describe, at least for me, because it revolves around multiple interests, primary among them being literature, theology, and technology. I also watch soccer and write about it, but that's purely recreational....

Nilofer Merchant

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18 billion dollars. Nilofer Merchant has launched more than 100 products that netted this astounding amount. It's this kind of collaborative leadership and business models - the type that results in innovation, and growth - that she now shares.

She has gone from being an administrative assistant, to division leader, to CEO of Rubicon, to board member of a NASDAQ-traded company along her 25-year career, gathering monikers such as the "Jane Bond of Innovation" along the way for her ability to guide organizations through seemingly impossible odds.

Today, Merchant speaks and runs...