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Kyle Cassidy

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Kyle Cassidy has been documenting American culture for more than two
decades. He has photographed Goths, Punks, Cutters, Politicians,
Metalheads, Dominatrices, Scholars, and Alternative Fashion, in addition
to less prosaic subjects. In recent years his projects have extended
abroad to Romania, where he captured the lives of homeless orphans
living in sewers; and to Egypt, where he reported on contemporary
archaeological excavations. His publications include several books on

William McKeen

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William McKeen is the author of nine books and the editor of four more. His most recent books are Everybody Had an Ocean (2017) , Too Old to Die Young (2015) , Homegrown in Florida (2012) , Mile Marker Zero (2011) , Outlaw Journalist (2008) , Highway 61 (2003) , Rock and Roll is Here to Stay (2000) and Literary Journalism: A Reader (2000) .

He teaches at Boston University, where he chairs the Department of Journalism and serves as associate dean of the College of Communication. He teaches literary journalism, history of journalism, reporting, feature writing and history of rock'n'roll.