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Doug Cornett

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Doug Cornett received his MFA from Portland State University and in 2016 was awarded first prize for the William Van Dyke Short Story Contest from Ruminate Magazine. Finally, Something Mysterious is his first novel. Originally from Hudson, Ohio, he now lives in Portland, Oregon, with his family. Follow him on Twitter at @MrDougCornett.

Jack Challoner

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Always frustrated by lack of clarity in books he read as a child, Jack long felt the need to make the amazing things that science and technology have achieved accessible to a wide audience. After studying physics in London, he trained as a science and maths teacher, then worked at London's Science Museum, in the education department and in their flagship interactive gallery, Launch Pad. Jack left the museum in 1991 to write science and technology books, and to write and perform science shows in museums, libraries and schools. He's been doing all that ever since, with nearly forty books to his name. He also...