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Joe Posnanski

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Joe Posnanski is the New York Times bestselling author of Paterno, The Machine, and The Secret of Golf. He is currently the founder and editor of Joe Blogs at as well as co-host of "The PosCast" podcast with television producer Michael Schur. Joe served as Senior Writer for The Athletic, MLB, NBC Sports, and Sports Illustrated, and co-founder of Passions in America. He was named national Sportswriter of the Year by the Sports Media Hall of Fame and was twice named the best sports columnist in America by the Associated Press Sports Editors. He is a two-time Emmy winner as part of NBC Sports...

Creek Stewart

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Creek Stewart is a survival skills instructor and author based in Central Indiana.  He is the author of six previous non-fiction survival guides which can be found anywhere books are sold.  Learn more about Creek and his work at or