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Mary Anna Evans

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I'm the author of the award-winning Faye Longchamp archaeological mysteries: ARTIFACTS, RELICS, EFFIGIES, FINDINGS, FLOODGATES, STRANGERS, PLUNDER, RITUALS, and ISOLATION. My other fiction includes several short stories, available separately as ebooks, and as a collection in both ebook and print form, called JEWEL BOX: SHORT WORKS BY MARY ANNA EVANS. My most recent publications are nonfiction, a departure for me. YOUR NOVEL, DAY BY DAY: A FICTION WRITER'S COMPANION is available for novelists in both ebook and print form. I am also the co-author, with Dr. Faith Wallace, of MATHEMATICAL LITERACY IN THE MIDDLE...

Meg Shaffer

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Meg Shaffer is a film student in TV and Screenwriting at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. Her debut novel will be published in 2023 by Ballantine.