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Andrea Bonior

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Andrea Bonior is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, professor, and writer. For more than eleven years, Dr. Bonior has written the weekly mental health advice column "Baggage Check," well known for its frequent wit and pop culture references, for the Washington Post Express. Frequently cited in other media, her expertise has most recently appeared in The New York Times, NPR,, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Self,, Yahoo!,, Good Housekeeping, and Voice of America. Her Psychology Today blog "Friendship 2.0" always stirs up reactions, and she is a contributor to various...

David Perlmutter

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David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM is a Board-Certified Neurologist, Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and five time New York Times bestselling author. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine where he was awarded the Leonard G. Rowntree Research Award. Dr. Perlmutter is a frequent lecturer at symposia sponsored by such medical institutions as Columbia University, the University of Arizona, Scripps Institute, and Harvard University. He has contributed extensively to the world medical literature with publications appearing in The Journal of Neurosurgery, The Southern Medical...