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Fareed Zakaria

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Fareed Zakaria is the editor of Newsweek International and writes a weekly column on international affairs and hosts "Fareed Zakaria GPS" for CNN. He the author of the New York Times bestsellers "The Future of Freedom" and "The Post-American World." Zakaria lives in New York City.

Terry Virts

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The first book I read as a kindergartener was about the Apollo Moon missions, and I was hooked. Growing up with space and airplane pictures on my walls, I went on to major in applied mathematics at the US Air Force Academy, fly F-16s, become a test pilot and eventually NASA astronaut. Along the way I lived in Finland (Imatra) and France (ecole de l'air, Salon de Provence) , Korea, Germany, Turkey and Russian, and learned to speak French and Russian well enough to be dangerous.My two spaceflights totaled over 7 months in space- first as pilot of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, on mission STS-130, where we delivered...