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Stanislas Dehaene

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Stanislas Dehaene is a French psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist. He is currently heading the Cognitive NeuroImaging Unit within the NeuroSpin building of the Commissariat A l'Energie Atomique in Saclay near Paris, France's most advanced brain imaging center. He is also a professor at College de France in Paris, where he holds the newly created chair of Experimental Cognitive Psychology. In 2005, he was elected as the youngest member of the French Academy of Sciences.

Stanislas Dehaene's interests concern the brain mechanisms of specifically human cognitive functions such as language,...

Richard Beck

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Richard Beck is an award-winning author, speaker, blogger and Professor of Psychology at Abilene Christian University. Beyond his books--Unclean, The Authenticity of Faith, The Slavery of Death, and Reviving Old Scratch--Richard's published psychological research has investigated the psychology of profanity, Christian judgments of art, attachment to God and "Winter Christianity." Every Monday Richard leads a bible study for fifty inmates at the maximum security French-Robertson unit. And Monday-Friday on his popular blog Experimental Theology Richard will spend enormous amounts of time writing about...