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Alexandra H. Solomon PhD

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Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD, is staff clinical psychologist, member of the teaching faculty in the marriage and family therapy graduate program, and clinical assistant professor of psychology at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. In addition to her clinical work with couples and individuals, Solomon teaches graduate and undergraduate students. One of her courses is Northwestern University's internationally renowned "Building Loving and Lasting Relationships: Marriage 101," which combines traditional and experiential learning to educate students about key relational issues like intimacy,...

Kathleen Smith

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Author Kathleen Smith writes about her life. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY. She shares what it was like for her growing up in an Irish and Italian home with a little bit of English thrown in there. She shares not only about her childhood, but also about getting married, moving to Upstate NY, having a family and loosing her mom to cancer.She also shares in her books what it was like for her to have three miscarriages. She shares her emotional struggles as well as her physical pain. She shares how she got through it all with the help of her husband and God.