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Carl Hoffman

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Carl Hoffman is the author of The Last Wild Men of Borneo: A True Story of Death and Treasure. Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's Tragic Quest, was a New York Times best seller, a NY Times editor's choice and was named one of the Washington Post's 50 notable books of 2014 and the number one non-fiction book of 2014 by The Lunatic Express: Discovering the World via Its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains, and Planes, was named one of the ten best books of 2010 by the Wall Street Journal. He is a former contributing editor to National Geographic Traveler...

Jason Cochran

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Jason Cochran is an award-winning travel journalist, pop historian, and consumer reporter. He was the first person in a quarter century to twice win Guide Book of the Year in the Lowell Thomas Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers, for his guides to Orlando and London. He has written extensively for the New York Post, Budget Travel (as senior editor) ; Entertainment Weekly; the New York Times and New York Daily News; USA Today; Travel Leisure; Travel; BBC Travel;; Newsweek; City;;;; the South Florida Sun-Sentinel; and Seasons (Sweden)...