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Gary M. Jackson

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Dr. Gary M. Jackson is an Assistant Vice President and Technical Lead withinCyber and Information Solutions at Science Applications International Corporation(SAIC). A behavioral psychologist with specialties in artificial intelligence and automated assessment, Dr. Jackson has designed and developed scores of advanced applications across both corporate and U.S. Government settings. Dr. Jackson's career has spanned academia as Assistant and Associate Professor (University of South Florida), Director of R&D and Treatment Development in various clinicalsettings, Research Psychologist within the U.S. Secret Service...

Jonathan Rauch

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At about age 20, I realized that (1) I didn't have the talent to be a musician, and (2) I didn't have the concentration to specialize. Naturally, I became a journalist. My first managing editor, Joe Goodman, at the Winston-Salem Journal, used to say: "Everyone has a story to tell; your job is to find it." In my books, I tell stories about Japan, free inquiry, government sclerosis, gay marriage, sexual denial, political realism, and--most recently--why life gets better after 50. I've won the National Magazine Award and some other prizes and been called (wrongly) "doctor" and "professor."...