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Foster Huntington

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Foster Huntington is a photographer and filmmaker from Skamania, Washington. In 2011, he left his fashion job in New York City in 2011 and moved into a camper van. For the next three years he traveled around North America, driving some 120,000 miles, surfing and camping. He began the popular tumblr account and hashtag,, in 2011 and self published a book, Home Is Where You Park It, with photos from his time on the road. He now lives in a treehouse in the Columbia River Gorge and works on short films and photo projects in his studio.

Joshua Engberg

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Joshua Engberg is one-half of the duo behind Tiny House Basics. In the summer of 2014, Joshua and his wife, Shelley, started to build their first tiny house. The goal was to simplify their lives and return to the basics. Downsizing and redefining 'necessities' was only the beginning. As avid campers and off-road fans, they were used to smaller spaces and only having essentials on trips. So they thought, 'why not live like this 365 days a year? ' Moving into a Tiny House was a new challenge that brought its highs and lows. With the help of many talented friends, they finished their self-designed 374 sqft...