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Jon VanZile

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Jon VanZile grew up in the Detroit area in Michigan, where he lived in a leafy suburb with a small lake nearby full of blue gill and still enough fields within walking distance of his house to support a decent butterfly collection. He sprouted his first seeds under artificial lights the spring of his sophomore year and planted his first vegetable garden a few weeks later (sadly, there was no harvest) .

Jon attended Michigan State University and got a degree in journalism. His first job out of college was reporting on politics for a newspaper in the South Pacific, before he returned to the States and moved...

Moorea Seal

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Moorea Seal is an author, designer, and entrepreneur based out of Seattle, WA. She is the founder and namesake of the women's retail website and store front in downtown Seattle which features over 160 handmade designers from across the U.S. and donates 7% of all proceeds to non-profits. Find her storefront at 1012 1st Ave, Suite 150, Seattle WA, 98104. Follow her on Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter at @mooreaseal.

Moorea's greatest inspiration is in seeking to empower others through beauty, compassion, and self love in all of her life's work and views her published work "The...