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Michael Lewis

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Michael E. Lewis Born 1963 in Bristol, United Kingdom has spent thirty years or more in the music industry; his other interests include Egyptology and the arts.You can find pictures of some of the characters and places he has written about in his book 'Memoirs of Mr Average' here:!/MemoirsOfMrAverage

Steven Johnson

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Steven Johnson is a graduate of the University of Mississippi (B.A.) and the University of Virginia (M.A., Ph.D.). He covered government and politics for several newspapers in Virginia, as well as the occasional murder-for-hire. He is assistant editor of Electric Co-op Today, online at, where he has won more than a dozen regional and national awards for his reporting on energy-related stories. He writes frequently about pro wrestling, which often is indistinguishable from politics, except for the fact that one is a work and one is not.