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Michael Leinbach

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Mike Leinbach was the final Shuttle Launch Director at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) , Florida. He was responsible for overall Shuttle launch countdown policy, planning, and execution activities in the last eleven years of the program.

Mike joined NASA in 1984 and quickly ascended through the engineering and leadership ranks, becoming Launch Director in August 2000. He led the Launch Team for all Shuttle missions from then to the end of the program in 2011, serving as the person to give the final "Go!" for launch.

Mike led KSC's forces in the initial Columbia...

Tererai Trent

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Tererai Trent was born to a cattle-herding family in a village in Zimbabwe who against all odds achieved her dreams of attaining a Ph.D. in America. Today, she continues to fulfill her sacred purpose by serving her community through Tererai Trent International, an organization which provides universal access to quality education while empowering rural communities. Hailed by Oprah Winfrey as her "All-time Favorite Guest" Tererai is also an internationally acclaimed voice for education and women's empowerment.