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M.M. Vaughan

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The daughter of South American parents, Monica Meira Vaughan lived in Spain before moving to London at the age of five, where she learned English by watching Sesame Street and reading every Roald Dahl book she could get her hands on.
On leaving school, Monica trained as a teacher, working mostly with children with emotional and behavioral difficulties. 'The Ability' is her first novel.

Mark Wilson

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My name's Mark Wilson. I'm a married father-of-one (so far) born in Bellshill, Lanarkshire and currently living in a little house in Edinburgh with my little wife and our son Patrick. Amongst other things I currently teach Biology in a Fife school, making me a full-time dad, a full-time teacher and a part-time writer. I drink a lot of coffee.I spend all of my spare time with my wife and son, listening to music, watching movies and reading the occasional graphic novel. I used to do a lot of exercise, but struggle to find the time since my son came along. These days I'm more likely to be found with a glass of red wine...