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April Jones Prince

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When April Jones Prince was in first grade, she decided she wanted to be an archaeologist. "I envisioned myself digging up precious historical artifacts and living in a palace," she says. "Obviously, I didn't know much about the accommodations of archaeologists in the field!" She did know that she was curious about the details of the past - what people did, ate, and wore. "I grew up fascinated by these things. My mom is a costume historian and my dad is practically a walking history book, so maybe it was inevitable."

April was also fascinated by books, ideas, and stories....

Jennifer Hansen Rolli

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Growing up as the youngest of 5 kids, Jennifer had all the freedom to explore from sun up to sun down. Favorite moments were spent painting the rural countryside with her dad, using the professional painters box he bought her at a very young age. For many years she enjoyed heading her own design firm in Philadelphia, Hansen Design, but after her 3rd child, she had fallen in love with the all picture books she was reading and started making up stories and pictures of her own. Jennifer is the author/illustrator of Just One More(Viking/Children's division of Penguin Random House) , which went on to become a 2015,...