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Ken Wells

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Wells lives in New York City, where he continues on his quest to find the Perfect Beer Joint and dabbles in his hobbies that include photography and song-writing. He often wishes he were fishing.

Michael Murphy

track author

Michael Murphy has been in the book business since shortly after the Earth cooled (June 8th, 1981) . His first 13 years were with Random House, where he was a VP of Sales. He went on to become the Publisher of William Morrow. After Morrow's acquisition by NewsCorp and merger into HarperCollins, Michael set up his own literary agency, Max & Co. He and his family left New York and moved to New Orleans in 2009, the year the Saints finally won a Super Bowl. Michael had felt the city was "Home" the first time he came to the city in 1983. Now here, they are never leaving.

EAT DAT, the story-filled...