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Dave Cullen

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Dave Cullen is the author of the New York Times bestseller Columbine, a haunting portrait of two killers and the victims. It made two dozen Best of 2009 lists and won the Edgar Award and Choice Award for best nonfiction book of 2009, and the B&N Discover Award for best nonfiction of the year by a new author.

Dave has written for New York Times, Buzzfeed, New Republic, Vanity Fair, Times of London, Newsweek, Lapham's Quarterly, Guardian, Washington Post, Salon, Slate, The Millions, Daily Beast, and NPR's On The Media.
Dave has been a frequent TV analyst on PBS Newshour, Nightline,...

Adam Nedeff

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Adam Nedeff grew up in Vienna, West Virginia, and spent his childhood infinitely more interested in late night comedy & game shows than afternoon cartoons.

He majored in radio & television at Marshall University and spent a few years toiling as a disc jockey before moving to Los Angeles to see if he could make a career out of his childhood obsessions.

He has worked behind-the-scenes for "The Price is Right," "Wheel of Fortune," "Idiotest," and "EmoGenius." He also co-founded Home Game Enterprizes ( , which stages live...