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Dean Sluyter

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Dean Sluyter (pronounced "slighter") has taught meditation throughout the U.S. and beyond since 1970, from elite prep schools to maximum security prisons. His latest book, "Natural Meditation: A Guide to Effortless Meditative Practice," is an Amazon #1 best seller in stress management and winner of the 2015 Nautilus Gold Award for best book on mind-body-spirit practices. A grateful student of Eastern and Western sages, Dean has completed numerous pilgrimages and lengthy retreats in India, Tibet, Nepal, and the West. He is known for conveying authentic teachings in a form that is practical,...

Dante Alighieri

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, or simply Dante (May 14/June 13 1265 - September 13/14, 1321) , is one of the greatest poets in the Italian language; with the comic story-teller, Boccaccio, and the poet, Petrarch, he forms the classic trio of Italian authors. Dante Alighieri was born in the city-state Florence in 1265. He first saw the woman, or rather the child, who was to become the poetic love of his life when he was almost nine years old and she was some months younger. In fact, Beatrice married another man, Simone di' Bardi, and died when Dante was 25, so their relationship existed almost entirely in Dante's imagination, but she nonetheless...