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Lisa Perrin

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Lisa Perrin is an illustrator, hand lettering artist, professor, and author. Originally from Long Island, NY, Perrin now lives in Baltimore, MD where she is a full time professor of illustration at MICA. Her work often explores the old world in a new way, combining humor with darkness, and beauty with strangeness. While she has illustrated more than 30 book covers, The League of Lady Poisoners is the first book she has both written and illustrated.

Evan Thomas

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Evan Thomas is one of the most respected historians and journalists writing today. He is the bestselling author of ten works of nonfiction: First: Sandra Day O'Connor, Being Nixon, Ike's Bluff, The War Lovers, Sea of Thunder, John Paul Jones, Robert Kennedy, The Very Best Men, The Man to See, and The Wise Men (with Walter Isaacson) . Thomas was an editor and writer at Newsweek for 24 years, where he wrote more than a hundred cover stories. Thomas has won numerous journalism awards, including a National Magazine Award in 1998. In 2005, his 50,000-word narrative of the 2004 election was honored when Newsweek...