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Jen Psaki

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Jen Psaki is the host of MSNBC's Sunday afternoon and Monday evening program, Inside with Jen Psaki. She served as the thirty-fourth White House Press Secretary under President Biden until May 2022. Over the course of her twenty years in public service, Psaki also served as White House Communications Director under President Obama, as the spokesperson for the State Department under then Secretary of State John Kerry, and worked on three presidential campaigns. She lives in Arlington, Virginia, with her husband and two children.

Norman Ohler

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Norman Ohler is an award-winning German novelist, screenwriter, and journalist. He spent five years researching Blitzed in numerous archives in Germany and the United States, and spoke to eye-witnesses, military historians, and doctors. He is also the author of the novels Die Quotenmaschine (the world's first hypertext novel) , Mitte and Stadt des Goldes (translated into English as Ponte City) . He was co-writer of the script for Wim Wenders' film Palermo Shooting.