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Clive Oppenheimer

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Clive Oppenheimer is Professor of Volcanology at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on the gases that come out of volcanoes, and what they tell us about how volcanoes erupt. He is happiest when pointing spectrometers into the maw of Erebus volcano in Antarctica to read the pulse of its lava lake. But he has wider interests in the intersections of geology, climate, ecology, archaeology and anthropology, which are the focus of his book 'Eruptions that shook the world'. He co-authored the popular 'Volcanoes' textbook with Peter Francis, and has contributed to several TV and film documentaries,...

Maartje Hensen

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Maartje (she/they) , author of The Pride Atlas, is a queer traveler, photographer, and writer from the Netherlands. She founded a queer travel and lifestyle brand, Once Upon a Journey. After being fully nomadic for three years, they are Amsterdam-based again. Maartje has also founded a photography business specializing in LGBTQ stories. Follow her on Instagram at @maartjehensen or online at onceuponajrny. com and maartjehensen. com.