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Kathleen Sheppard

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Kathleen Sheppard was born and raised in the Midwestern United States, where she has now settled after years away. She earned an MA in Egyptian Archaeology from University College, London, where she met the memory of Margaret Murray for the first time. She earned an MA and PhD in History of Science from the University of Oklahoma, where she realized she wanted to find more women like Murray and has continued doing so ever since. She sits on the board of the Missouri Chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt and is the Chapters' Council VP. She is a Professor in the History and Political Science department...

John Long

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But I'm NOT John Long, the famous paleontologist and author, nor John Long, the famous rock climber and author, nor John Long, the author who lives in France, nor John Long, the former Detroit Piston. Phew. Who, then, am I? I'm John H. Long, Jr., the one holding a Ph.D. in Zoology (specializing in biomechanics) from Duke University, and Darwin's Devices is my first book.