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Leah Williams

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Leah Williams is an American writer originally from Oxford, Mississippi. She has written comics for Marvel, BOOM! Studios, Vault Comics, and is working on more. Her debut novel was a YA Fantasy book titled The Alchemy of Being Fourteen and she is currently writing its sequel, The Divinity of Hitting Fifteen. Leah has nonfiction articles and essays published in The Atlantic, Oprah Magazine, and Salon, and is represented by Greta Moran at the Beth Vesel Literary Agency in NYC. Visit Leah's website at to learn more about her.

Arianna Margulis

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Arianna Margulis is currently navigating New York by way of small-town Michigan. As a relationship-obsessed fashion girl, she began doodling about her day-to-day dramas on the floor of her studio apartment and decided to expose her innermost feelings to the world. Thus But Like Maybe, the girl cult Instagram, was born. From painting street-sized murals and major brand collabs to enacting revenge on "ex boyfriends", her imaginary best friend has created a world of opportunity she never thought possible. But most important of all, her drawings have brought her self-confidence, motivation, and love. Armed...