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Jasmin Lee Cori

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Jasmin Lee Cori is a licensed psychotherapist based in Boulder, Colorado. She wrote Healing From Trauma from her dual perspective as a therapist and trauma survivor. A gifted self-help writer, she brought similar clinical acumen and insight to her book for under-mothered adults, The Emotionally Absent Mother.

Her newest book, The Magic of Your True Nature, came out in Oct 2013, along with a new edition of Freefall to the Beloved. Learn more about her counseling and enjoy her blog on emotional healing, transformation, and spirituality at

Marie Rayma

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Marie Rayma is a graphic designer and creator of, the go-to place for real DIY make-up and skin care that works. Her work has appeared on,, Bust Magazine, Willow & Sage Magazine, and She lives in Calgary, AB, where she spends her days making messes in the kitchen and taking pictures of them.