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Christopher Kennedy

track author

Christopher Kennedy is a passionate music fan and an accomplished songwriter and musician, having released five albums with the band "Ruth Ruth." The discovery of this collection was made during his determined research into the long lost rock and roll film, "The Pied Piper of Cleveland," which is rumored to contain some of the earliest footage of Elvis Presley. He is still looking for the film.

John Dickerson

track author

I am the moderator of CBS's Face the Nation and CBS News Political Director. I am also a columnist for Slate magazine. Before that I was a White House correspondent for Time magazine, where I worked for 12 years. I sometimes write about other things, like family and risk and baseball but those pieces have yet to be collected into a book of essays to read on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I also can be found on the Political Gabfest and Whistlestop podcasts on the Panoply network.