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Christopher Kennedy

track author

Christopher Kennedy is a passionate music fan and an accomplished songwriter and musician, having released five albums with the band "Ruth Ruth." The discovery of this collection was made during his determined research into the long lost rock and roll film, "The Pied Piper of Cleveland," which is rumored to contain some of the earliest footage of Elvis Presley. He is still looking for the film.

Lisa Preston

track author

Lisa Preston (1964- ) turned to writing after careers as a fire department paramedic and a city police officer. Experience in her earlier professions enhance the medical and legal passages of her fiction and non-fiction.
Her debut novel, Orchids and Stone, was released by Thomas & Mercer in April 2016, and has been described both as a thriller and as domestic noir. Reviews include praise from the best-selling novelists Jo-Ann Mapson, Laura Moriarty, Kate Moretti and Carol Cassella.
Her psychological suspense novel, The Measure of the Moon, will be released April 2017.
Her published work includes...