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Lorin Lindner

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Lorin Lindner, PhD, MPH was born in Queens, New York and divided her time growing up between the city and the country in upstate New York. It is in the open spaces of nature that she very early learned her place in the world and vowed to protect what remains of the "wild" when she returned to her childhood tree house and found the forest razed for a strip mall.

First it was horses that captured her heart, but soon afterwards, Dr. Lindner fell in love with parrots, their beauty and intelligence, their spirit and their ability to fly - the ultimate in freedom, creativity and independence....

Paige Embry

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Paige Embry's multi-year immersion in the lives of America's native bees began with a gardening epiphany--European-import honey bees can't pollinate tomatoes--but certain native bees can. This led to an obsession with bees that cascaded into visits to fields, labs, and farms to gather their stories.

Paige has spent her adult life involved in science and nature. She studied geology at Duke University and the University of Montana. When she moved to the Pacific Northwest she took up gardening. She's taught classes on geology and gardening and had a garden design and coaching business....