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  New Titles - Literature & Fiction
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One Fatal Flaw: A Daniel Pitt Novel

Anne Perry · Ballantine Books
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

When a desperate woman comes to Daniel Pitt seeking a lawyer for her boyfriend, Rob Adwell, Daniel is convinced of the young man's innocence. Adwell has been accused of murder and of setting a fire to conceal the body, but Daniel is sure that science can absolve him - and Miriam fford...
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Ahab's Rolling Sea: A Natural History of "Moby-Dick"

Richard J. King · UNIV OF CHICAGO PR
Format: Hardcover

Although Herman Melville's Moby-Dick is beloved as one of the most profound and enduring works of American fiction, we rarely consider it a work of nature writing - or even a novel of the sea. Yet Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard avers Moby-Dick is the "best book ever...
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The King's Beast: A Mystery of the American Revolution

Eliot Pattison · Counterpoint
Pages: 432
Format: Hardcover

When Duncan McCallum is asked by Benjamin Franklin to retrieve an astonishing cache of fossils from the Kentucky wilderness, his excitement as a naturalist blinds him to his treacherous path. But as murderers stalk him Duncan discovers that the fossils of this American incognitum are not nearly...
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A Reasonable Doubt: A Robin Lockwood Novel

Phillip Margolin · Minotaur Books
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover

Robin Lockwood is a young criminal defense attorney and partner in a prominent law firm in Portland, Oregon. A former MMA fighter and Yale Law graduate, she joined the firm of legal legend Regina Barrister not long before Regina was forced into retirement by early onset Alzheimer's....
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The Thing About Bees: A Love Letter

Larkin, Shabazz · Readers to Eaters
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover

"Sometimes bees can be a bit rude.They fly in your face and prance on your food."And yet ... without bees, we might not have strawberries for shortcakes or avocados for tacos! Shabazz Larkin's The Thing About Bees is a Norman Rockwell-inspired Sunday in the park, a love poem...
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Alison Keith · Bloomsbury Academic
Pages: 224
Format: Hardcover

The works of Virgil (70-19 BCE) define the 'golden age' of Latin poetry and have inspired a long tradition of interpretation and adaptation that starts in his own time and extends to important modern authors. His ascent from the lesser genre of pastoral (the Bucolics) through...
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What I Lick Before Your Face: And Other Haikus by Dogs

Jamie Coleman · Atria Books
Pages: 128
Format: Hardcover

The perfect gift for dog lovers everywhere - a heartwarming and hilarious collection of sixty-four haikus and gorgeous color photographs celebrating man's best friend. From the perks of face licking to considering what constitutes a good boy, these charming and laugh-out-loud funny...
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Pulp Friction

Julie Anne Lindsey · Kensington
Pages: 336
Format: Mass Market Paperback

Nothing's sweeter than a fruitful family business, and for Winona Mae Montgomery and her Granny Smythe, that means Smythe Orchards in Blossom Valley, Virginia. But this year's apple crop is especially juicy - with scandal . . . Thanks to Winnie's new cider shop, Smythe Orchards...
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