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The Card Catalog: Books, Cards, and Literary Treasures

Library of Congress. · Chronicle Books
Pages: 224
Format: Print book

The Library of Congress brings booklovers an enriching tribute to the power of the written word and to the history of our most beloved books. Featuring more than 200 full-color images of original catalog cards, first edition book covers, and photographs from the library's magnificent archives,...
March 1917: On the Brink of War and Revolution

Will Englund · W. W. Norton & Company
Pages: 387
Format: Hardcover

A riveting history of the month that transformed the world's greatest nations as Russia faced revolution and America entered World War I.

"We are provincials no longer," declared Woodrow Wilson on March 5, 1917, at his second inauguration. He spoke on the eve of America's...

Ice Ghosts: The Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin Expedition

Paul Watson · W. W. Norton & Company
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover

The spellbinding true story of the greatest cold case in Arctic history -- and how the rare mix of marine science and Inuit knowledge finally led to the recent discovery of the shipwrecks.

Spanning nearly 200 years, Ice Ghosts is a fast-paced detective story about Western science,...

Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town

Brian Alexander · St Martin'S Press
Pages: 336
Format: Print book

In 1947, Forbes magazine declared Lancaster, Ohio the epitome of the all-American town. Today it is damaged, discouraged, and fighting for its future. In Glass House, journalist Brian Alexander uses the story of one town to show how seeds sown 35 years ago have sprouted to give us Trumpism,...
Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets

Svetlana Alexievich · Random House Trade
Pages: 496
Format: Print book

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * The magnum opus and latest work from Svetlana Alexievich, the 2015 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature - a symphonic oral history about the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the emergence of a new RussiaNAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE WASHINGTON...
A Colony in a Nation

Chris Hayes · W. W. Norton & Company
Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover

New York Times best-selling author and Emmy Award-winning news anchor Chris Hayes argues that there are really two Americas: a Colony and a Nation.

America likes to tell itself that it inhabits a postracial world, yet nearly every empirical measure -- wealth, unemployment, incarceration,...

Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits: Inside the Fight to Reclaim Native America's Culture

Chip Colwell · The University of Chicago Press
Pages: 336
Format: Print book

Who owns the past and the objects that physically connect us to history? And who has the right to decide this ownership, particularly when the objects are sacred or, in the case of skeletal remains, human? Is it the museums that care for the objects or the communities whose ancestors made...
No Friends but the Mountains: Dispatches from the World's Violent Highlands

Judith Matloff · Basic Books
Pages: 272
Format: Print book

A veteran war correspondent journeys to remote mountain communities across the globe - from Albania and Chechnya to Nepal and Colombia - to investigate why so many conflicts occur at great heightsMountainous regions are home to only ten percent of the world's population yet host a strikingly...
Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer

Ann Mcelhinney · Regnery Publishing
Pages: 256
Format: Print book

Gosnell is the untold story of America's most prolific serial killer.

In 2013 Dr Kermit Gosnell was convicted of killing four people, including three babies, but is thought to have killed hundreds, perhaps thousands more in a 30-year killing spree.

ABC News correspondent...
Wild Nights: How Taming Sleep Created Our Restless World

Benjamin Reiss · Basic Books
Pages: 320
Format: Print book

Why is sleep frustrating for so many people? Why do we spend so much time and money managing and medicating it, and training ourselves and our children to do it correctly? In Wild Nights, Benjamin Reiss finds answers in sleep's hidden history--one that leads to our present, sleep-obsessed...