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  New Titles - Spanish
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¡Shhh! Tenemos un plan

Chris Haughton · NubeOcho
Pages: 48
Format: Hardcover

While four friends are out on a walk, they spot a beautiful bird perched high in a tree. Deciding that they must catch the bird, they begin to scheme. How are they going to capture the bird? -- Shhh! They have a plan.
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Under the Water

Pen, Paul · Amazon Crossing
Pages: 313
Format: Paperback

What does the perfect family have to fear most? The perfect stranger.From the outside, Frank and Grace seem to have the perfect family. He's a loving husband, she's a devoted wife, and together they have two happy children. But appearances can be deceiving. A strange series of misfortunes...
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Vuelta al juego

Jake Maddox
Format: Paperback

Eddie Jackson loves playing catcher. But when he's batting and in the spotlight, he's a wreck. After an embarrassing strike out last summer, he thought he'd be done with baseball for good. Now he's back in the game as a backup catcher. When an injury forces him to step up to the plate,...
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Jugada doble

Jake Maddox · Stone Arch Books
Pages: 72
Format: Paperback

Diego "Clutch" Rivera became the school's hero when he made the game-winning hook shot to take home last season's championship trophy. With the new season beginning, expectations are high that "Clutch" will lead the basketball team to another title. But when...
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