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  New Titles - Religion & Spirituality
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Morbid Magic: Death Spirituality and Culture from Around the World

Tomas Prower · Llewellyn Publications
Pages: 360
Format: Paperback

The Ultimate Book on Macabre Lore & Spiritual Traditions from Yesterday & Today Written with a mix of reverence, approachability, and deadpan wit by a funeral industry insider, Morbid Magic is the first multi-cultural guide to death spirituality and traditions from all over the world...
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From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao: The Essential Guide to Chinese Deities

Xueting Christine Ni · Weiser Books
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback

China is an immense land with a history spanning thousands of years, and its needs and problems are perhaps too many for a single deity to watch over. This book begins to explore the veritable army of gods, immortals, and deities to whom the Chinese have turned for help, support, and intervention--not...
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Citizen 865: The Hunt for Hitler's Hidden Soldiers in America

Debbie Cenziper · Hachette Books
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

The gripping story of a team of Nazi hunters at the U.S. Department of Justice as they raced against time to expose members of a brutal SS killing force who disappeared in America after World War Two.In 1990, in a drafty basement archive in Prague, two American historians made a startling...
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Good Things Out of Nazareth: The Uncollected Letters of Flannery O'Connor and Friends

Flannery O'Connor · Convergent Books
Pages: 416
Format: Hardcover

A literary treasure of over one hundred unpublished letters from National Book Award-winning author Flannery O'Connor and her circle of extraordinary friends. Flannery O'Connor is a master of 20th-century American fiction, joining, since her untimely death in 1964, the likes of Hawthorne,...
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Chakras: An Introduction to Using the Chakras for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being

Hartman, Tori
Format: Paperback

Explore the power of the seven chakras in your own lifeChakras: An Introduction to Using the Chakras for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Wellbeing is a simple, modern guide to chakras, offering insight into how they function and how to access their healing energies in your own life....
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