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Bletchley Park and D-Day

David Kenyon · Yale University Press
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

The untold story of Bletchley Park's key role in the success of the Normandy campaign Since the secret of Bletchley Park was revealed in the 1970s, the work of its codebreakers has become one of the most famous stories of the Second World War. But cracking the Nazis' codes was only...
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The Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials' Economic Future

Joseph C. Sternberg · PublicAffairs
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover

A Wall Street Journal columnist delivers a brilliant narrative of the mugging of the millennial generation-- how the Baby Boomers have stolen the millennials' future in order to ensure themselves a comfortable presentThe Theft of a Decade is a contrarian, revelatory analysis of how one generation...
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The Fall of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics

Dan Kaufman · W. W. Norton & Company
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback

National bestseller "Masterful." -- Jane Mayer, best-selling author of Dark MoneyThe Fall of Wisconsin is a deeply reported, searing account of how the state's progressive tradition was undone and Wisconsin itself turned into a laboratory for national conservatives bent on remaking...
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The Back Channel: A Memoir of American Diplomacy and the Case for Its Renewal

Burns, William J. · Random House
Pages: 512
Format: Hardcover

From America's "secret diplomatic weapon" (The Atlantic) - a man who served five presidents and ten secretaries of state - comes an impassioned argument for the enduring value of diplomacy in an increasingly volatile world. Over...
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Lincoln's Spies: Their Secret War to Save a Nation

Waller, Douglas · Simon & Schuster
Pages: 624
Format: Hardcover

A major addition to the history of the Civil War, Lincoln's Spies is a riveting account of the secret battles waged by Union agents to save a nation. Filled with espionage, sabotage, and intrigue, it is also a striking portrait of a shrewd president who valued what his operatives uncovered....
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Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration

Bazelon, Emily · Random House
Pages: 448
Format: Hardcover

A renowned journalist and legal commentator exposes the unchecked power of the prosecutor as a driving force in America's mass incarceration crisis - and charts a way out. The American criminal justice system is supposed to be a contest between two equal adversaries, the prosecution...
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War and Peace: FDR's Final Odyssey: D-Day to Yalta, 1943–1945

Hamilton, Nigel · Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages: 592
Format: Hardcover

To mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, the stirring climax to Nigel Hamilton's three-part saga of FDR at war - proof that he was WWII's key strategist, even on his deathbed.Nigel Hamilton's celebrated trilogy culminates with a story of triumph and tragedy. Just as FDR was proven...
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Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties

O'Neill, Tom · Little, Brown and Company
Pages: 528
Format: Hardcover

What really happened in 1969?Over two grim nights in Los Angeles, the young followers of Charles Manson murdered seven people, including the actress Sharon Tate, then eight months pregnant. With no mercy and seemingly no motive, the Manson Family followed their leader's every order-their...
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Appeasement: Chamberlain, Hitler, Churchill, and the Road to War

Bouverie, Tim · Tim Duggan Books
Pages: 464
Format: Hardcover

A gripping new history of the British appeasement of Hitler on the eve of World War IIOn a wet afternoon in September 1938, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain stepped off an airplane and announced that his visit to Hitler had averted the greatest crisis in recent memory. It was, he later...
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The Method to the Madness: Donald Trump's Ascent as Told by Those Who Were Hired, Fired, Inspired--and Inaugurated

Salkin, Allen · All Points Books
Pages: 352
Format: Hardcover

A Rosetta Stone for understanding Donald Trump's style, mindset, and every action, made up of over one hundred interviews with his closest associates over the last 15 years.To his critics, Donald Trump is an impulsive, undisciplined crackpot who accidentally lucked into the presidency....
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