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Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice

Lauren Walker · Sounds True; 1 edition

What is it that makes yoga practitioners feel so good after a session-more so than after other kinds of exercise or stretching? "Yoga was created to directly stimulate and move us at the energetic level," teaches Lauren Walker. Yet it can take an hour or more to gain the subtle...
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The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great, and Take Charge of Your Health

Laura Prepon · Touchstone
Pages: 256
Format: Print book

From Laura Prepon, star of Orange Is the New Black, and integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy comes an exciting 21-day plan combining the latest in food science with ancient dietary wisdom, to shed stubborn weight for good and achieve overall wellness.Despite her glowing on-screen presence...
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Hunger: A Memoir of

Roxane Gay · Harper
Pages: 306
Format: Hardcover

The Instant New York Times Bestseller From the New York Times best-selling author of Bad Feminist, a searingly honest memoir of food, weight, self-image, and learning how to feed your hunger while taking care of yourself. "I ate and ate and ate in the hopes that if I made myself big,...
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Will My Kid Grow Out of It?: A Child Psychologist's Guide to Understanding Worrisome Behavior

Bonny J. Forrest JD PhD · Chicago Review Press
Format: Print book

At some point most parents wonder whether their child's behavior is "normal." He won't focus on his homework -- could he have ADHD? She seems sad a lot -- is she depressed? She's falling behind at school -- could she have a learning disability? Such anxieties can plague...
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Ending Back Pain: 5 Powerful Steps to Diagnose, Understand, and Treat Your Ailing Back

Dr. Jack Stern M.D. Ph.D. · Avery; 1 edition
Format: Book

A totally new paradigm for treating back pain Virtually every American will suffer from back pain at some point. Dr. Jack Stern, a neurosurgeon and professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, brings relief to these millions of sufferers (including himself) who literally ache for help....
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A Book About Love

Jonah Lehrer · Simon & Schuster
Pages: 304
Format: Print book

Science writer Jonah Lehrer explores the mysterious subject of love.Weaving together scientific studies from clinical psychologists, longitudinal studies of health and happiness, historical accounts and literary depictions, child-rearing manuals, and the language of online dating sites,...
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The Oxygen Advantage: The Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques for a Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter You

Patrick McKeown · William Morrow & Company
Pages: 368
Format: Print book

A simple yet revolutionary approach to improving your body's oxygen use, increasing your health, weight loss, and sports performance - whether you're a recovering couch potato or an Ironman triathlon champion. With a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola.Achieve...
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How to Conceive Naturally: And Have a Healthy Pregnancy after 30

Christa Orecchio · Grand Central Life & Style
Pages: 400
Format: Paperback

The new comprehensive guide to healthy conception, pregnancy, and postpartum that every woman over thirty must readMore and more women are choosing to have children later in life, but since fertility declines starting at age thirty, many moms-to-be face conception and pregnancy with fear,...
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The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet

Nina Teicholz · Free Press
Pages: 479
Format: Hardcover

A New York Times bestseller Named one of The Economist's Books of the Year 2014 Named one of The Wall Street Journal's Top Ten Best Nonfiction Books of 2014 Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction Books of 2014 Forbes's Most Memorable Healthcare Book of 2014 Named a Best Food Book of 2014 by Mother...
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The Loving Diet.

Flanigan Jessica
Pages: 175
Format:  Print book : English

"This book is a must-read for anyone struggling to heal ... " - Diane Sanfilippo, New York Times bestselling author of Practical PaleoHow can we make our life work for us instead of against us? Can the entire nature of disease actually be a gift? Can joy and abundance be yours...
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Dream Interpretation for Beginners: Understand the Wisdom of Your Sleeping Mind

Diane Brandon · Llewellyn Publications
Format: Print book

Decode the wisdom of your dreams to enrich your life and achieve your personal goals. This fantastic book shows you how to use dreams for improved problem-solving, better relationships, creative inspiration, and spiritual growth. Join dream expert Diane Brandon as she explores: * Types...
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The Mayo Clinic Diet

Donald D Hensrud · Mayo Clinic
Pages: 334
Format: Hardcover

Eat well. Enjoy life. Lose weight.This completely revised and updated edition of the popular Mayo Clinic Diet is a practical, no-nonsense approach to weight loss designed to help individuals lose weight and, most importantly, keep it off. The book includes to step-by-step advice on key behavior...
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Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family

La Leche League International · Ballantine Books; 1 edition
Format: Print book

Sweet Sleep is the first and most complete book on nights and naps for breastfeeding families. It's mother-wisdom, reassurance, and a how-to guide for making sane and safe decisions on how and where your family sleeps, backed by the latest research. It's 4 A.M. You've nursed...
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No More Cancer: A Complete Guide to Preventing, Treating, and Overcoming Cancer

Gary Null · Gary Null Publishing
Format: Hardcover

One word strikes more fear into a person's mind than any other: CANCER. The physical, mental, emotional, and financial toll that comes with a cancer diagnosis is immense and affects not only cancer patients but also families and entire communities. This year alone approximately 600,000...
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