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Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change

Frank Sesno · AMACOM
Pages: 249
Format: Print book

What hidden skill links successful people in all walks of life? What helps them make smart decisions? The answer is surprisingly simple: They know how to ask the right questions at the right time. Questions help us break down barriers, discover secrets, solve puzzles, and imagine new ways...
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The Power of Positive Leadership: How and Why Positive Leaders Transform Teams and Organizations and Change the World

Pages: 208
Format: Hardcover

We are not positive because life is easy. We are positive because life can be hard. As a leader, you will face numerous obstacles, negativity, and tests. There will be times when it seems as if everything in the world is conspiring against you and your vision seems more like a fantasy than...
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An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back

Elisabeth Rosenthal · Penguin Books
Pages: 416
Format: Print book

Award-winning New York Times reporter Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal reveals the dangerous, expensive, and dysfunctional American healthcare system, and tells us exactly what we can do to solve its myriad of problems. It is well documented that our healthcare system has grave problems, but how,...
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Post Grad: Five Women and Their First Year Out of College

Caroline Kitchener · Ecco
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

What really happens in the first year out of college? When Caroline Kitchener graduated from Princeton, she began shadowing four of her female classmates, interviewing them as they started to navigate the murky waters of post-collegiate life. Weaving together her own experience as a writer...
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