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Rossini's Ghost: The Composers' Specials

Devine Enterainment Corporation · Devine Enterainment Corporation
Pages: 1
Format: Book

3 Language Versions: English, Espanol and Francais. The Opera is falling apart, and only a backstage Ghose knows it will be a hit. Total Time: 52:00. Starring; Joseph DiMambro, Melissa Pirrera, Frances Bay, Margaret Illmann, Janne Mortil, Lally Cadeau, Tony Nardi, Music by Gioacchino Rossini.
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A History of Dance on Screen

Petit · Arthaus
Format: DVD

In this revelatory new documentary, director Reiner E. Moritz poses the question: How has the media influenced dance in the twentieth century and vice versa? A History of Dance on Screen contains an impressive amount of archive footage featuring the greatest dancers and choreographers...
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All This Life: A Novel

Joshua Mohr · Soft Skull Press
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover

Morning rush hour on the Golden Gate Bridge. Amidst the river of metal and glass a shocking event occurs, leaving those who witnessed it desperately looking for answers, most notably one man and his son Jake, who captured the event and uploaded it to the internet for all the world to experience....
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Anna Russell · V.I.E.W. Video
Format: DVD

This DVD, Hansel & Gretel: An Opera Fantasy, may be the definitive production of one of the greatest fairy tales ever told. With brilliant imagination and technical wizardry, comparable only to Walt Disney's Fantasia, this DVD uses stop-action animation, over 35 hand-sculpted Kinemen...
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Black Jack: The Ballad of Jack Johnson

Charles R. Smith · Roaring Brook Press; First Edition edition
Format: Hardcover

Art and poetry combine to tell the story of boxer Jack Johnson, who became the first African-American world heavyweight boxing champion in the early part of the twentieth century.
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