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Strange Situation: A Mother's Journey into the Science of Attachment

Bethany Saltman · Ballantine Books
Pages: 400
Format: Hardcover

When professional researcher and writer Bethany Saltman gave birth to her daughter, Azalea, she loved her deeply but felt as if something was missing. Looking back at her lonely childhood, dangerous teenage years, and love-addicted early adulthood, Saltman thought maybe she was broken....
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Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School?: the case for helping them leave, chart their own paths, and prepare for adulthood at their own pace

Blake Boles · Tells Peak Press
Pages: 264
Format: Paperback

For some kids, school offers a positive and engaging experience. For others, it's a boring, stressful, and frustrating waste of time. If your child is in the second category, why keep tormenting them? Instead, why not help them find an educational environment where they feel genuinely...
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Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close

Aminatou Sow · Simon & Schuster
Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover

Now two friends, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, tell the story of their equally messy and life-affirming Big Friendship in this honest and hilarious book that chronicles their first decade in one another's lives. As the hosts of the hit podcast Call Your Girlfriend, they've become...
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Life Is in the Transitions: Mastering Change at Any Age

Bruce Feiler · Penguin Press
Pages: 368
Format: Hardcover

Bruce Feiler, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Secrets of Happy Families and Council of Dads, has long explored the stories that give our lives meaning. Galvanized by a personal crisis, he spent the last few years crisscrossing the country, collecting hundreds of life stories...
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How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?: Uncommon Financial Planning Wisdom for a Stress-Free Retirement

Todd Tresidder · Todd Tresidder
Pages: 236
Format: Paperback

"This book is the best I've seen on how to navigate the retirement savings questions." "One of the best retirement planning books of all time" "The Best Retirement Planning Books For 2020" Learn how retirement really works before it's too late...Most...
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