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  Christian Fiction  
Her Secret: The Amish of Hart County

Shelley Shepard Gray · Avon Inspire
Pages: 272
Format: Print book

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray begins a new series - The Amish of Hart County - with this suspenseful tale of a young Amish woman who is forced to move to a new town to escape a threatening stalker.After a stalker went too far, Hannah Hilty and her family...
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When Tides Turn

Sarah Sundin · Revell
Pages: 400
Format: Print book

When fun-loving glamour girl Quintessa Beaumont learns the Navy has established the WAVES program for women, she enlists, determined to throw off her frivolous ways and contribute to the war effort. No-nonsense and hoping to make admiral, Lt. Dan Avery has been using his skills to fight...
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Change of Heart

Rachel J Good · Realms
Pages: 304
Format: Print book

Lydia Esh's younger sister Emma is running wild during rumschpringe, causing the family major heartaches. Although it means risking her reputation, her job as a schoolteacher, and her courtship with Jakob Zook, Lydia attends parties to watch over Emma and protect her sister's virtue....
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A Stolen Heart

Amanda Cabot · Revell
Pages: 346
Format: Paperback

From afar, Cimarron Creek seems like an idyllic town tucked in the Texas Hill Country. But when former schoolteacher Lydia Crawford steps onto its dusty streets in 1880, she finds a town with a deep-seated resentment of Northerners--like her. Lydia won't let that get her down, though. All will...
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Amelia and the Captain

Lori Copeland · Harvest House Publishers
Pages: 224
Format: Print book

"Amelia had turned out to be one colossal nuisance.And the last thing Captain Morgan Kane needed was another headache." The three wily and beautiful McDougal sisters can swindle a man in less time than it takes to lasso a calf. But their luck is running out, and they're about...
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If I'm Found

Terri Blackstock · Zondervan
Pages: 352
Format: Print book

Is Dylan hunting Casey to prosecute her or protect her? Casey Cox is still on the run, fleeing prosecution for a murder she didn't commit. Dylan Roberts - her most relentless pursuer - is still on her trail, but his secret emails insist that he knows the truth and wants to help her....
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A Mother's Love

Charlotte Hubbard · Kensington Pub Corp
Pages: 368
Format: Print book

Faith, tenderness, security - there's nothing a mother won't give. Now beloved author Charlotte Hubbard brings you an unforgettable tale of hope, courage, discovery...and the most precious gift of all.For widow Rose Raber, it's been a year of tragic loss and difficult decisions....
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Step by Step

Candace Calvert · Tyndale House Publishers
Pages: 389
Format: Print book

Three years after a tragic accident left her a widow, ER nurse Taylor Cabot is determined to move on, checking off one item after another on her survival list. Her relationship with a handsome plastic surgeon even gives her hope for the last point -- "fall in love again." At least...
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Back in the Saddle: A Novel

Ruth Logan Herne · Multnomah Books
Pages: 320
Format: Print book

The Prodigal Is Coming Home

It's been a long time since Colt Stafford shrugged off his cowboy legacy for shiny Manhattan loafers and a promising career on Wall Street. But when stock market manipulations leave him financially strapped, the oldest son of legendary rancher...
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A Lady in Disguise: A Novel

Sandra Byrd · Howard Books
Pages: 384
Format: Print book

In this intriguing novel of romance, mystery, and clever disguise set in Victorian England, a young woman investigates the murder of her own father.

After the mysterious death of her father, Miss Gillian Young takes a new job as the principal costume designer at the renowned Theatre...
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Hester Takes Charge: Hester's Hunt for Home, Book 3

Linda Byler · Good Books
Pages: 336
Format: Print book

Hester, the startlingly beautiful Native American who was rescued as an infant by an Amish couple, now lives in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She shares a house with Bappie King, another Amish woman, living their independent lives in the fast-growing mid-18th-century city. Bappie runs...
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The Memory Weaver: A Novel

Jane Kirkpatrick · Revell
Pages: 348
Format: Print book

Eliza Spalding Warren was just a child when she was taken hostage by the Cayuse Indians during a massacre in 1847. Now the young mother of two children, Eliza faces a different kind of dislocation; her impulsive husband wants them to make a new start in another territory, which will mean...
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