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The Age of Genius : the seventeenth century and the birth of the modern mind

A C Grayling · Bloomsbury
Pages: 351
Format: eBook

"Explores the eventful intertwining of outward event and inner intellectual life to tell, in all its richness and depth, the story of the 17th century in Europe. It was a time of creativity unparalleled in history before or since, from science to the arts, from philosophy to politics...
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This Land Is Their Land: The Wampanoag Indians, Plymouth Colony, and the Troubled History of Thanksgiving

David J. Silverman · Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages: 528
Format: Hardcover

Ahead of the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving, a new look at the Plymouth colony's founding events, told for the first time with Wampanoag people at the heart of the story.

In March 1621, when Plymouth's survival was hanging in the balance, the Wampanoag sachem (or chief)...

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American epic : when music gave america her voice.

Elijah Wald · Touchstone
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover

The companion book to the groundbreaking PBS and BBC documentary series celebrating the pioneers and artists of American roots music - blues, gospel, folk, Cajun, Appalachian, Hawaiian, Native American - without which there would be no jazz, rock, country R&B, or hip hop today.

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Genghis Khan and the Quest for God: How the World's Greatest Conqueror Gave Us Religious Freedom

Jack Weatherford · Viking
Pages: 407
Format: Print book

A landmark biography by the New York Times bestselling author of Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World that reveals how Genghis harnessed the power of religion to rule the largest empire the world has ever known.

Throughout history the world's greatest conquerors...
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Imperial Twilight: The Opium War and the End of China's Last Golden Age

Stephen R Platt · Knopf
Pages: 592
Format: Hardcover

The definitive history of the Opium War--a vivid narrative of the earliest Western efforts to open China to trade and the resulting war that ensured the decline of imperial China.When Britain declared war on China in 1839, it sealed the fate of what had been, for centuries, the wealthiest...
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Matter of honor

Anthony Summers · Harpercollins
Pages: 480
Format: Print book

On the seventy-fifth anniversary, the authors of Pulitzer Prize finalist The Eleventh Day unravel the mysteries of Pearl Harbor to expose the scapegoating of the admiral who was in command the day 2,000 Americans died, report on the continuing struggle to restore his lost honor - and clear...

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Blood Moon: An American Epic of War and Splendor in the Cherokee Nation

John Sedgwick · Simon & Schuster
Pages: 512
Format: Hardcover

This sweeping American epic reveals one of the greatest untold stories of the nineteenth century: the fierce rivalry between two great Cherokee chiefs that led to war, forced migration, and the devastation of a once-proud nation.

Blood Moon is the story of the century-long...
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Back Over There: One American Time-Traveler, 100 years Since the Great War, 500 Miles of Battle-Scarred French Countryside, and Too Many Trenches, Shells, Legends, and Ghosts to Count

Richard Rubin · Macmillan Audio
Format: Audiobook

In The Last of the Doughboys, Richard Rubin introduced readers to a forgotten generation of Americans: the men and women who fought and won the First World War. Interviewing the war's last survivors face-to-face, he knew well the importance of being present if you want to get the real...

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The Gene: An Intimate History

Siddhartha Mukherjee · Scribner
Pages: 608
Format: Paperback

A New York Times Notable Book
A Washington Post and Seattle Times Best Book of the Year

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Emperor of All Maladies - a fascinating history of the gene and "a...
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The Third Bank of the River: Power and Survival in the Twenty-First-Century Amazon

Pages: 352
Format: Hardcover

A sweeping look at the war over the Amazon -- as activists,locals, and indigenous tribes struggle to save it from the threat of loggers, drug lords, and corrupt cops and politiciansFollowing doctors and detectives, environmental activists and indigenous tribes, The Third Bank of the River...
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The Black Calhouns: From Civil War to Civil Rights with One African American Family

Gail Lumet Buckley · Atlantic Monthly Press
Pages: 353
Format: Print book

In The Black Calhouns, Gail Lumet Buckley - daughter of actress Lena Horne - delves deep into her family history, detailing the experiences of an extraordinary African-American family from Civil War to Civil Rights.

Beginning with her great-great grandfather Moses Calhoun,...
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Black Georgetown Remembered: A History of Its Black Community from the Founding of "The Town of George" in 1751 to the Present Day

Kathleen M Lesko · Georgetown University Press
Pages: 206
Format: Hardcover

First published in 1991, Black Georgetown Remembered chronicles and celebrates the rich but little-known history of the Georgetown black community from the colonial period to the present. Drawing on primary sources, including oral interviews with past and current residents and extensive...
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Printer's Error: Irreverent Stories from Book History

Rebecca Romney · Harpercollins
Pages: 368
Format: Print book

A funny and entertaining history of printed books as told through absurd moments in the lives of authors and printers, collected by television's favorite rare-book expert from HISTORY's hit series Pawn Stars.Since the Gutenberg Bible first went on sale in 1455, printing has been...
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American Revolutions: A Continental History, 1750-1804

Alan Taylor · W.W. Norton & Company
Pages: 681
Format: Print book

From the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, a fresh, authoritative history that recasts our thinking about America's founding period.

The American Revolution is often portrayed as a high-minded, orderly event whose capstone, the Constitution, provided the ideal framework for a democratic,...

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