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House of Print: A Modern Block Printer's Journey Through Color, Texture, and Pattern

Molly Mahon · Pavilion
Pages: 160
Format: Hardcover

From exciting and up-and-coming artisan printmaker Molly Mahon, this is a modern, stylish, and practical exploration of the traditional craft of block printing.From the initial design process through to the carving of the block, mixing of the color, and the actual printing process, self-taught...
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My House Is Killing Me!: A Complete Guide to a Healthier Indoor Environment

Jeffrey C. May
Format: Paperback(second edition)

It's a world we barely see, but it is teeming with life. In the dust of a typical house, carpet beetles, mites, silverfish, and other creatures live and die, producing allergen-laden dust. Meanwhile, stinky mold, bacteria, and yeast lurk undetected in heating and cooling systems. Debris...
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Plant Partners: Science-Based Companion Planting Strategies for the Vegetable Garden

Jessica Walliser
Format: Paperback

Companion planting has a long history of use by gardeners, but the explanation of why it works has been filled with folklore and conjecture. Plant Partners delivers a research-based rationale for this ever-popular growing technique, offering gardeners dozens of ways they can use scientifically...
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A Practical Guide to Cartooning: Learn to Draw Cartoons with 1500 Illustrations

I Van Hissey

Learn to draw cartoons step by step with over 1500 illustrations

This detailed step-by-step guide begins with essential techniques - from the effects of varied pencils on different papers to the subtle differences between pen strokes and patterns. The many styles

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The Smart Home Manual: How to Automate Your Home to Keep Your Family Entertained, Comfortable, and Safe

Marlon Buchanan

Are you worried about hackers taking control of your smart devices? Do you want to make a smart home that keeps your family and ?

What a smart home is and what it can do for youHow much smart homes costHow to start building your smart home from scratchHow to
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Ultimate Guide to Basements, Attics & Garages, 3rd Revised Edition: Step-by-Step Projects for Adding Space without Adding on

Creative Homeowner · Creative Homeowner
Pages: 216
Format: Paperback

Find more space without moving or investing in an expensive addition!Over 50 step-by-step procedures for the DIY construction processMore than 580 photographs and illustrations to inform and inspire youLearn to plan, design, and remodel unused areas in your home to maximize living spaceEasy-to-follow...
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Paper Quilling Adorable Animals Chinese Style

Zhu Liqun Paper Arts Museum

Paper quilling is an ancient art form which uses the elasticity and flexibility of paper strips to create seemingly complex designs. By forming basic coils, you can create your own lively menagerie.

24 animal projectsAn introduction to the art of paper quillingInformation a
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Japanese Wonder Knitting: Timeless Stitches for Beautiful Bags, Hats, Blankets and More

Nihon Vogue · Tuttle Publishing
Pages: 104
Format: Paperback

Japanese knitting dictionaries have quickly become the favorite go-to reference for experienced knitters all around the world, and Japanese Wonder Knitting takes this trend a step further, giving step-by-step lessons in executing classic stitches the Japanese way. Like its companion volume,...
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How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition

Michael Geier · McGraw-Hill Education Tab
Pages: 416
Format: Paperback

A Fully Revised Guide to Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair Repair all kinds of electrical products, from modern digital gadgets to analog antiques, with help from this updated book. How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition, offers expert insights, case studies,...
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How Babies Sleep: The Gentle, Science-Based Method to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Sofia Axelrod PhD · Atria Books
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback

Discover the best baby sleep method - gentle, science-backed, and inspired by the latest Nobel Prize-winning research - that shows you how to get your baby to sleep through the night naturally.Sleep - or the lack of it - is one of the most crucial issues for new parents. Newborn babies...
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