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Mandarin Chinese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary

Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff · DK
Pages: 360
Format: Paperback

With the help of a new free audio app, this revised and updated bilingual visual dictionary will help you improve your Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and pronunciation by seeing and hearing more than 7,000 terms.Full-color images with detailed labels display all the elements of everyday life--from...
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The Prodigal Tongue: The Love-Hate Relationship Between American and British English

LYNNE MURPHY · Penguin Books
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback

An American linguist teaching in England explores the sibling rivalry between British and American English "If Shakespeare were alive today, he'd sound like an American." "English accents are the sexiest." "Americans have ruined the English language."...
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37 Ways to Learn the Italian Language

MR Larry Aiello · CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 108
Format: Paperback

How to Start Learning Italian?Looking to learn Italian but don't know where to start? Do you need a road map to get you started? Or perhaps you are frustrated in your attempts and feel like you are getting nowhere. It could be that you are not going about it correctly.Many people need...
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A Very Modern Dictionary: 400 new words, phrases, acronyms and slang to keep your culture game on fleek

Tobias Anthony · Smith Street Books
Pages: 111
Format: Hardcover

A new dictionary for the modern world! Trouble negotiating the modern world - what with all these newfangled words and phrases? Do you know your bromance from your dudevorce, your turnt from your on fleek? How about bae or doe. Or FOMO, lit AF, tea (not the drink) , and dead (not the state...
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