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Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No, to Take Control of Your Life

Hoge Raad (Strafkamer) · Zondervan on Brilliance Audio
Format: Audiobook

To regain control of your life, you've never needed Boundaries more than you do today in today's always-on, always-connected digital world. Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend wrote the New York Times bestselling book on Boundaries - the personal property lines that define who you are and who you are not,...

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Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name

Max Lucado · Thomas Nelson
Pages: 240
Format: Hardcover

In this seminal work, beloved pastor and bestselling author Max Lucado explores the life and character of Jesus, now with never-before-read content. The God of the universe knows your name. He has walked your streets. Jesus. Perhaps you've heard about him, studied him, or prayed to him....
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The Lost Art of Scripture: Rescuing the Sacred Texts

Karen Armstrong · Knopf
Pages: 624
Format: Hardcover

Today the Quran is used by some to justify war and acts of terrorism, the Torah to deny Palestinians the right to live in the Land of Israel, and the Bible to condemn homosexuality and contraception. The significance of scripture may not be immediately obvious in our secular world, but its misunderstanding...
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The Lost World of the Torah: Law as Covenant and Wisdom in Ancient Context

John H. Walton · IVP Academic
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback

Our handling of what we call biblical law veers between controversy and neglect. On the one hand, controversy arises when Old Testament laws seem either odd beyond comprehension (not eating lobster) or positively reprehensible (executing children) . On the other, neglect results when...
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Start Your New Life Today: An Exciting New Beginning with God

Joyce Meyer · FaithWords; February edition
Pages: 272
Format: Hardcover

Joyce guides readers to making the most important decision they will ever make. Beginning with the decision to accept Christ, Joyce explains the life-changing impact that comes from knowing God in the most personal way possible. She walks readers through what makes everyone unique creations...
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Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear

Max Lucado · Thomas Nelson; 1st edition
Format: Hardcover

Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear. They're talking layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy, flare-ups in the Middle East, turnovers at headquarters, downturns in the housing market, upswings in global warming. The plague of our day, terrorism, begins with the word...
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Handbook of Denominations in the United States, 14th Edition

NOT AVAILABLE. · Abingdon Press
Pages: 432
Format: Hardcover

The Handbook of Denominations in the United States has been the gold standard for reference works about religious bodies in America. The purpose of this Handbook is to provide especially non-scholars with a relatively simple, easy-to-use reference work for learning about the most significant...
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The Wisdom of the Body: A Contemplative Journey to Wholeness for Women

Christine Valters Paintner · Sorin Books
Pages: 224
Format: Print book

The distorted view of the perfect female body created by popular culture, television, movies, and the media often causes women to become uncomfortable with their own bodies. Christine Valters Paintner, popular author of nine books and abbess of the online retreat center Abbey of the Arts,...
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The Book of Signs: 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse

David Jeremiah · Thomas Nelson
Pages: 480
Format: Hardcover

"The end times." "The apocalypse." "The day of judgment." Terms such as these are both fascinating and frightening for any student of God's Word. They point to key questions people have wrestled with for centuries, including:

What does the Bible tell...
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The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius: Saint Ignatius' Profound Precepts of Mystical Theology

Ignatius, of Loyola Saint · Image
Pages: 200
Format: Paperback

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, one of the great masterpieces of the Christian canon, today continues to offer some of the most accessible and insightful guidance for going on retreat -- whether as a part of a group or by oneself. Based on the rich fruit of St. Ignatius' own meditations...
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Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week: From the Entrance Into Jerusalem To The Resurrection

Pope Benedict XVI · Ignatius Press
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover

For Christians, Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God, who died for the sins of the world, and who rose from the dead in triumph over sin and death. For non-Christians, he is almost anything else-myth, a political revolutionary, a prophet whose teaching was misunderstood or distorted by his followers....
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Wounded Shepherd: Pope Francis and His Struggle to Convert the Catholic Church

Austen Ivereigh · Henry Holt and Co.
Pages: 416
Format: Hardcover

Following his critically acclaimed The Great Reformer, Austen Ivereigh's colorful, clear-eyed portrait of Pope Francis takes us inside the Vatican's urgent debate over the future of the church in Wounded Shepherd.

This deeply contextual biography centers on the tensions...

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The Young Messiah

Anne Rice · Ballantine Books
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback

SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE With the Holy Land in turmoil, seven-year-old Jesus and his family leave Egypt for the dangerous road home to Jerusalem. As they travel, the boy ponders the mysteries surrounding his birth. Anne Rice's dazzling, kaleidoscopic novel, based on the gospels...
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The Truest Thing about You: Identity, Desire, and Why It All Matters

David Lomas · David C. Cook
Format: Book

There are many true things about you—true things you use to build an identity. Parent. Introvert. Victim. Student. Extrovert. Entrepreneur. Single.These truths can identify you, your successes and failures, your expectations and disappointments, your secret dreams and hidden shames....
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Chris Fabry · Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Pages: 415
Format: Paperback

Life changes overnight for coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team and state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. When the largest manufacturing plant shuts down and hundreds of families leave their town, John questions how he and his family...
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