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Simply Tea Leaf Reading (Simply Series)

Jacqueline Towers · Sterling/Zambezi
Pages: 160
Format: Paperback

Much older than tarot, tasseomancy (also known as tea leaf reading) is enjoying a much-deserved resurgence. And while it may seem forbidding to beginners, reading tea leaves and coffee grounds is relatively easy once you know the secrets. This latest volume in the indispensable Simply series...
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Life After Death: Messages of Love from the Other Side

Betsey Lewis · Penguin
Format: Kindle Edition

Discover heart-wrenching stories from the spirit world, in Life After Death by Sally Morgan.How does it feel to speak to dead people?What happens when spirits need to contact us?Is there really life after death?Sally Morgan is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift - she communicates...
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The Revelation (Abram's Daughters Book #5) (Abram's Daughters)

Beverly Lewis · Bethany House Publishers; Repackaged ed. edition
Format: Kindle Edition

Beverly Lewis Bestseller, Beautifully RepackagedIn The Revelation, Jonas Mast has given Leah Ebersol reason to hope again. Yet events threaten that might force Leah and her sister Sadie to reveal their closely guarded secret--a secret with the power to split the Mast and Ebersol families...
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Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Last Neanderthal: A Geneticist's Search for Modern Apemen

Bryan Sykes · Disinformation Company
Pages: 320
Format: Print book

"'re talking about a yeti or bigfoot or sasquatch. Well now, you'll be amazed when I tell you that I'm sure they exist." --Jane Goodall on NPRThis is "The Big Book of Yetis." What the reader gets here is a world-class geneticist's search for evidence...
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The Amityville Horror

Jay Anson · Pocket Star
Format: Paperback

In December 1975, the Lutz family moved into their new home on suburban Long Island. George and Kathleen Lutz knew that, one year earlier, Ronald DeFeo had murdered his parents, brothers, and sisters in that house. But the property complete with boathouse and swimming pool and the price...
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Miracles: A Very Short Introduction

Yujin Nagasawa · Oxford University Press
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback

Jesus turned water into wine, Mohammad split the moon into two, and Buddha walked and spoke immediately upon birth. According to recent statistics, even in the present age of advanced science and technology, most people believe in miracles. In fact, newspapers and television regularly report...
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Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence

Karen Armstrong · Knopf; 1St Edition edition
Format: Hardcover

From the renowned and best-selling author of A History of God, a sweeping exploration of religion and the history of human violence. For the first time, religious self-identification is on the decline in American. Some analysts have cited as cause a post-9/11perception: that faith in general...
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