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Earth's Notable Natural Disasters: Events Affecting Mankind Through History; Print Purchase Includes Free Online Access

Robert S Carmichael · Salem Pr
Pages: 1200
Format: Hardcover

This updated edition of Earth's Notable Natural Disasters: Events Affecting Mankind Through History combines clearly-explained scientific concepts with gripping narrative details about some of the worst disasters in history. Updated through 2016, it provides scientific and narrative...
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How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-Extinction

Beth Shapiro · Princeton University Press
Format: Hardcover

Could extinct species, like mammoths and passenger pigeons, be brought back to life? The science says yes. In How to Clone a Mammoth, Beth Shapiro, evolutionary biologist and pioneer in "ancient DNA" research, walks readers through the astonishing and controversial process of de-extinction....
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Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs, and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway

Peter Zheutlin · Sourcebooks
Pages: 236
Format: Print book

"Peter Zheutlin has written a lovely, moving, important book about a subject that is both heartbreaking and joyful." - Dean Koontz

How far would you go to save a life? This is the extraordinary story of one man who has driven more than 1 million miles to rescue thousands of dogs...

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The Hurricane Preparedness Handbook

Bob Stearns · Skyhorse Publishing; Reprint edition
Format: Print book

Dont wait until its too late. Prepare now! Weve all seen the ruin that a hurricane can bring. No one can stop a hurricane, but proper preparation can limit damage, protect long-term finances, and even save lives. The Hurricane Preparedness Handbook is an invaluable, step-by-step guide for everyone...
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On Trails: An Exploration

Robert Moor · Simon & Schuster
Pages: 340
Format: Print book

"The best outdoors book of the year" - Sierra Club
"Stunning ... A wondrous nonfiction debut" - Departures
"Moor's book is enchanting" - The Boston Globe
"A wanderer's dream" - The Economist

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Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon

Bronwen Dickey · Alfred A. Knopf
Pages: 330
Format: Print book

The hugely illuminating story of how a popular breed of dog became the most demonized and supposedly the most dangerous of dogs - and what role humans have played in the transformation.

When Bronwen Dickey brought her new dog home, she saw no traces of the infamous viciousness...
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The Fly-Fisher's Craft: The Art and History

Darrel Martin · Skyhorse Publishing
Pages: 304
Format: Print book

An illustrated guide to historical and modern flies, hooks, lines, and loop rods.Whether looking for a back-to-basics approach to fly-tying or a better understanding of its history, The Fly-Fisher's Craft is the perfect volume to educate the curious angler as well as to provide tips...
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Rachel Carson: Silent Spring & Other Writings on the Environment

Rachel Carson · Library of America
Pages: 625
Format: Hardcover

The book that sparked the modern environmental movement, with an unprecedented collection of letters, speeches, and other writings that reveal the extraordinary courage and vision of its authorThis deluxe Library of America volume presents one of the landmark books of the twentieth century...
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The Day of the Cajundome Mega-Shelter

Jeff T Hennessy · Acadian House Publishing
Pages: 160
Format: Hardcover

A 160-page book that describes how the Cajundome in Lafayette, La., evolved into the nation s first mega-shelter in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. With a population of over 7,000 at its peak, this facility became a model for the rest of the nation, with its own medical clinic, security...
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The Gulf: The Making of An American Sea

Jack E Davis · Liveright
Pages: 608
Format: Hardcover

The tragic collision between civilization and nature in the Gulf of Mexico becomes a uniquely American story in this environmental epic.

When painter Winslow Homer first sailed into the Gulf of Mexico, he was struck by its "special kind of providence." Indeed, the Gulf...

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Butterflies of Louisiana: A Guide to Identification and Location

Craig Marks · LSU Press
Pages: 462
Format: Paperback

Butterflies abound in every region of the Bayou State, and with this authoritative resource in hand, both the experienced and novice butterfly watcher can identify a frequent backyard visitor or pinpoint the haunts of a particular species. With a long flight season stretching from late...
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The Dragon Behind the Glass: A True Story of Power, Obsession, and the World's Most Coveted Fish

Emily Voigt · Scribner
Pages: 319
Format: Print book

A riveting journey into the bizarre world of the Asian arowana or "dragon fish" - the world's most expensive aquarium fish - reveals a surprising history with profound implications for the future of wild animals and human beings alike.

A young man is murdered for his prized...
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Gardening for Birds, Butterflies, and Bees: Everything you need to Know to Create a wildlife Habitat in your Backyard

Editors at Birds and Blooms · Reader's Digest Association
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback

Whether you're installing a new garden bed or trying to attract orioles for the first time, it helps to start with the right information. And here it is! In this book, experts and readers from North America's #1 Bird and Garden Magazine, Birds & Blooms, give their tried-and-true advice.

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The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit

Michael Finkel · Knopf
Pages: 224
Format: Hardcover

Many people dream of escaping modern life, but most will never act on it. This is the remarkable true story of a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for 27 years, making this dream a reality; not out of anger at the world, but simply because he preferred to live on his own.A New York...
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By the Sea: The therapeutic benefits of being in, on and by the water

Cracknell, Deborah · Aster
Pages: 192
Format: Hardcover

In this stunning book, intuition and instinct meet modern science as the therapeutic benefits of being in, on or by the sea are explained and explored, and how, if we look after the oceans they will in turn look after us.The unfathomable vastness of the oceans, significantly larger than...
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