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Not What I Expected: Help and Hope for Parents of Atypical Children

Rita Eichenstein PhD · Perigee Books
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback

A pediatric neuropsychologist presents strategies to help parents of special-needs children navigate the emotional challenges they face.As diagnosis rates continue to rise for autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other developmental differences, parents face a maze of medical, psychological,...
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Not for Everyday Use: A Memoir

Elizabeth Nunez · Akashic Books
Format: Print book

One of's "Memoirs Too Powerful to Put Down""Nunez ponders the cultural, racial, familial, social, and personal experiences that led to what she ultimately understands was a deeply loving union between her parents. A beautifully written exploration of the complexities...
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Happywork: A Business Parable About the Journey to Teamwork, Profit, and Purpose

Chris Reimer · Sound Wisdom
Pages: 189
Format: Print book

In Happywork, Chris Reimer introduces an ambitious, professional consultant named Sam, who specializes in company turnarounds. Sam succeeds by "compartmentalizing people, streamlining processes, and creating systems of control." He wastes no energy worrying about human emotions...
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Thumbs Up!: Five Steps to Create the Life of Your Dreams

Joey Reiman · BenBella Books
Pages: 223
Format: eBook

Purpose defines you. What you do with that purpose redefines the world.Joey Reiman was told he might never move his hand again after a horrible, paralyzing accident in 1975. Refusing to accept this prognosis and give in to negative thoughts, all he wanted to do was move his thumb. "If...
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Brave Enough

Cheryl Strayed · Alfred A. Knopf
Pages: 135
Format: Print book

From the best-selling author of Wild, a collection of quotes--drawn from the wide range of her writings--that capture her wisdom, courage, and outspoken humor, presented in a gift-sized package that's as irresistible to give as it is to receive.Around the world, thousands of people have...
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Dear Sister: Letters From Survivors of Sexual Violence

Lisa Factora-Borchers · AK Press
Pages: 246
Format: Paperback

Dear Sister,It wasn't your fault; it was never your fault. You did nothing wrong. Hold this tight to your heart: it wasn't your fault.At night when you lay there and your mind fills with images and you wonder if only, if you had . . . if you hadn't . . . . Remember: it wasn't...
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Please Be with Me: A Song for My Father, Duane Allman

Galadrielle Allman · Spiegel & Grau
Pages: 370
Format: Bargain - Hardcover

A deeply personal, revealing, and lyrical portrait of Duane Allman, founder of the legendary Allman Brothers Band, written by his daughter Galadrielle Allman went to her first concert as an infant in diapers, held in her teenage mother's arms. Playing was her father - Duane Allman,...
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Mindwise: Why We Misunderstand What Others Think, Believe, Feel, and Want

Nicholas Epley · Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Pages: 242
Format: Paperback

You are a mind reader, born with an extraordinary ability to understand what others think, feel, believe, want, and know. It's a sixth sense you use every day, in every personal and professional relationship you have. At its best, this ability allows you to achieve the most important...
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The Win Within: Capturing Your Victorious Spirit

Bert R. Mandelbaum · Greenleaf Book Group Press
Format: Hardcover

An inspiring guide to playing your personal best in the sport of life As an orthopedic surgeon, a finish-line physician, and a USA team doctor at the World Cup and the Olympics, Dr. Bert Mandelbaum has witnessed the trials and triumphs of elite athletes from a vantage point few of us get....
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Marijuana Nation: One Man's Chronicle of America Getting High: From Vietnam to Legalization

Roger A Roffman · Pegasus Books, 2014.
Pages: 345
Format: Print book

As public attitudes about pot undergo rapid change, Roger Roffman's portrait of marijuana in America rises above punditry and rhetoric Roger Roffman first discovered marijuana while serving as a US Army officer in Vietnam. From these seemingly innocuous beginnings, Roffman has been...
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The Secret Life of Fat: The Science Behind the Bodys Least Understood Organ and What It Means for You

Sylvia Tara · W.W. Norton & Company
Pages: 235
Format: Print book

This groundbreaking work of practical, popular science reveals that fat is much smarter than we think.Fat is an obsession, a dirty word, a subject of national handwringing -- and, according to biochemist Sylvia Tara, the least-understood part of our body.You may not love your fat, but your...
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Bipolar, Not So Much: Understanding Your Mood Swings and Depression

Chris Aiken · W.W. Norton & Company
Pages: 352
Format: Print book

Approaching depression as a complex disorder with many different facets rather than all-or-nothing.Depression confuses the mind, strips away hope, and causes people to blame themselves for an illness they never asked for. This book presents a revolutionary new understanding of the concept...
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On Living

Kerry Egan · Riverhead Books
Pages: 224
Format: Print book

A hospice chaplain passes on wisdom on giving meaning to life, from those taking leave of it. As a hospice chaplain, Kerry Egan didn't offer sermons or prayers, unless they were requested; in fact, she found, the dying rarely want to talk about God, at least not overtly. Instead, she discovered...
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