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You Can, You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner

Joel Osteen · Faithwords
Pages: 192
Format: Print book

In YOU CAN, YOU WILL, Joel Osteen shares eight undeniable qualities of winners that can help you to reach your potential and achieve new levels of success in your life. You are created to be a winner. Get these eight principles deep down on the inside and boldly go in the direction of your...
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An Atheist's History of Belief: Understanding Our Most Extraordinary Invention

Matthew Kneale · Counterpoint LLC
Pages: 262
Format: Print book

What first prompted prehistoric man, sheltering in the shadows of deep caves, to call upon the realm of the spirits? And why has belief thrived since, shaping thousands of generations of shamans, pharaohs, Aztec priests and Mayan rulers, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Nazis, and Scientologists?As...
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Common Ground: Lessons and Legends from the World’s Great Faiths

Todd Outcalt · Skyhorse Publishing
Format: Hardcover

As the spice maker’s cabinet is full of many herbs, so should a scholar be full of Scripture, Talmud, and Legend—an ancient Jewish proverbThis reference to legend—or the teaching tales used by the sages—is a remarkable testimony to the power of story and its place in the history,...
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The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations

Anne Graham Lotz · Zondervan
Pages: 288
Format: Print book

Many people today find that their prayers don't "work." And like a broken cell phone, DVD player, or TV remote, they throw prayer out as unnecessary "clutter" in their busy lives. Anne Graham Lotz has found that while prayer does work, sometimes the "pray-ers"...
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A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus: The Roots of the Problem and the Person, Vol. 1

John P. Meier · Doubleday; 1st edition
Format: Hardcover

In this definitive book on the real, historical Jesus, one of our foremost biblical scholars meticulously sifts the evidence of 2,000 years to portray neither a rural magician nor a figure of obvious power, but a marginal Jew.
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Faith in the Face of Empire: The Bible through Palestinian Eyes

Mitri Raheb · Orbis Books (USA)
Pages: 166
Format: Paperback

A Palestinian Christian theologian shows how the reality of empire shapes the context of the biblical story, and the ongoing experience of Middle East conflict.
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The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil

David Wilcock · Dutton
Pages: 528
Format: Print book

New York Times bestselling author David Wilcock has become one of the leading writers exploring ancient mysteries and new science. With his latest book, The Ascension Mysteries, David will take readers on a surprising and enthralling journey through the history of the universe, exploring...
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Being Human in God's World: An Old Testament Theology of Humanity

J G McConville · Baker Academic
Pages: 240
Format: Print book

A Biblical Perspective on What It Means to Be HumanThis major work by a widely respected Old Testament scholar and theologian unpacks a biblical perspective on fundamental questions of what it means to be human. J. Gordon McConville explores how a biblical view of humanity provides a foundation...
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