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The Little Veggie Patch Co. DIY Garden Projects: Easy Activities For Edible Gardening and Backyard Fun

Matt Pember · Hardie Grant Books
Pages: 383
Format: Print book

The Little Veggie Patch Company is a Melbourne based business that specializes in everything that encompasses the edible garden. From the design, installation and maintenance of home, school and corporate veggie patches, to everything you will need to care for them, they are dedicated to helping...
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Fix Your Garden: Get Your Outdoor Space Blooming in No Time at All

Jane Moseley · Portico
Pages: 111
Format: Print book

Don't know what to do with a messy garden or bleak-looking balcony? Want to stake your claim on a little corner of a shared garden? No gardening experience whatsoever? This book is the perfect solution. Packed with tips and tricks to get your green fingers going, this beautifully illustrated...
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The Bio-Integrated Farm: A Revolutionary Permaculture-Based System Using Greenhouses, Ponds, Compost Piles, Aquaponics, Chickens, and More

Shawn Jadrnicek · Chelsea Green Publishing
Pages: 384
Format: Print book

The Bio-Integrated Farm is a twenty-first-century manual for managing nature's resources. This groundbreaking book brings "system farming" and permaculture to a whole new level. Author Shawn Jadrnicek presents new insights into permaculture, moving beyond the philosophical...
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Planting Design for Dry Gardens: Beautiful, Resilient Groundcovers for Terraces, Paved Areas, Gravel and Other Alternatives to the Lawn

Olivier Filippi · Filbert Press
Pages: 240
Format: Print book

Green lawns are restful to the eye, provide an excellent backdrop to plants and trees and keep the weeds down, but in low-rainfall regions they often end up looking scrappy and brown. This book offers low-level planting designs that are ecofriendly and so beautiful they redefine the conventional...
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The bold dry garden : lessons from the Ruth Bancroft Garden

Johanna Silver · Timber Press
Pages: 235
Format: Print book

Celebrate and recreate the beauty of The Ruth Bancroft Garden! Ruth Bancroft is a dry gardening pioneer. Her lifelong love of plants led to the creation of one of the most acclaimed public gardens, The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, California. The Bold Dry Garden offers unparalleled...
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Gardening for Butterflies: How You Can Attract and Protect Beautiful, Beneficial Insects

Scott Hoffman Black · Timber Press
Pages: 287
Format: Print book

Library Journal Starred Review Welcome the world's most exquisite visitors to your garden! Gardening for Butterflies, by the experts at the Xerces Society, introduces you to a variety of colorful garden guests who need our help, and shows you how to design a habitat where they will thrive....
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Unearthed: Love, Acceptance, and Other Lessons from an Abandoned Garden

Alexandra Risen · Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages: 304
Format: Print book

In this moving memoir, a woman digs into a garden and into the past and finds secrets, beauty, and acceptance. Alex's father dies just as she and her husband buy a nondescript house set atop an acre of wilderness that extends into a natural gorge in the middle of the city. Choked with weeds...
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All the Presidents' Gardens: Madison's Cabbages to Kennedy's Roses, How the White House Grounds Have Grown with America

Marta McDowell · Timber Press
Pages: 328
Format: Print book

"This informative gem of a book is for readers fascinated by either gardening or presidential history." - Library Journal The eighteen acres that surround the White House have been an unwitting witness to history--a backdrop for soldiers, suffragettes, protestors, and activists....
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The Flower Farmer's Year: How to Grow Cut Flowers for Pleasure and Profit

Georgie Newbery · Uit Cambridge Ltd
Pages: 224
Format: Hardcover

The Flower Farmer's Year is a light, entertaining look at how to plant, maintain, and keep evolving a productive cut-flower garden. Whether you want to devote a corner of your garden to a stand of sweet peas and some cosmos, take up flower production for gate sales, or make a livelihood...
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Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be a Source of Environmental Change

Larry Weaner · Timber Press
Pages: 336
Format: Print book

"This beautiful book shows us that guiding natural processes rather than fighting them is the key to creating healthier landscapes and happier gardeners. An essential addition to our knowledge of sustainable landscapes." - Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home This lushly-photographed...
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