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Quicken 2017 The Official Guide

Bobbi Sandberg · McGraw-Hill Education
Pages: 576
Format: Paperback

The Only Official Guide to the #1 Personal Finance Software for Windows! Covers U.S. Microsoft Windows Editions--Quicken Deluxe and Premier

Take control of your personal finances using the best practices and time-saving tips in Quicken® 2017 The Official Guide! Find out the most...

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Microsoft SharePoint Online for Office 365: Administering and configuring for the cloud

Bill English · Microsoft Press
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback

Deliver world-class collaboration capabilities through the cloud Use SharePoint Online to provide today's most advanced collaboration capabilities--without managing your own infrastructure! This concise reference will help you configure and manage SharePoint Online to meet your requirements...
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The Hello Girls: America's First Women Soldiers

Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman · Harvard University Press
Pages: 370
Format: Hardcover

This is the story of how America's first women soldiers helped win World War I, earned the vote, and fought the U.S. Army. In 1918, the U.S. Army Signal Corps sent 223 women to France. They were masters of the latest technology: the telephone switchboard. General John Pershing, commander...

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The Vagina Bible: The Vulva and the Vagina: Separating the Myth from the Medicine

Jennifer Gunter · Citadel
Pages: 432
Format: Paperback

Does eating sugar cause yeast infections? Does pubic hair have a function? Should you have a vulvovaginal care regimen? Will your vagina shrivel up if you go without sex? What's the truth about the HPV vaccine? So many important questions, so much convincing, confusing, contradictory...
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Binding and Repairing Books by Hand

David Muir · Arco Pub
Pages: 120
Format: Hardcover

A professional craftsman details the tools, materials, intricacies, skills, and problems involved in book binding and repairing by hand
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A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age

Jimmy Soni · Simon & Schuster
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover

The life and times of one of the foremost intellects of the twentieth century: Claude Shannon - the neglected architect of the Information Age, whose insights stand behind every computer built, email sent, video streamed, and webpage loaded.

Claude Shannon was a groundbreaking polymath,...
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The Hidden Power of F*cking Up

The Try Guys · Dey Street Books
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover

The Try Guys deliver their first book - an inspirational self-improvement guide that teaches you that the path to success is littered with humiliating detours, embarrassing mistakes, and unexpected failures.

To be our best selves, we must become secure in our insecurities. In The Hidden...

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How the Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone

Brian McCullough · Liveright
Pages: 400
Format: Hardcover

Tech-guru Brian McCullough delivers a rollicking history of the internet, why it exploded, and how it changed everything.

The internet was never intended for you, opines Brian McCullough in this lively narrative of an era that utterly transformed everything we thought we knew about...

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